Alec Baldwin sues $ 25 million family of dead Marine for photograph of Capitol riot – National

Alec Baldwin is being tried by the widow and sister of a U.S. Marine killed in Afghanistan.

The women are suing the actor after he said on Instagram that one of the sisters was a “rebel” for participating in riots at the Capitol in Washington, DC, on January 6 last year.

According to court documents obtained by the People, the family is seeking a jury trial and is demanding $ 25 million plus legal costs for invasion of privacy, libel, negligence and causing mental suffering. (All US Dollars)

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Last year, Baldwin donated $ 5,000 to Royce McCollum after her brother Riley McCollum was among the 13 U.S. soldiers killed in a Aug. 26 suicide bombing at Kabul airport. Royce was raising money for her brother’s widow and unborn daughter, CNN reports.

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However, according to the lawsuit, Baldwin posted a message to Instagram Royce on January 3, 2022 after she posted a photo of almost a year ago from the riots in Washington. He asked if Royce was the same woman who took his money. Royce told the actor that she was present at the rally, but said she was there legally and that her protests were peaceful.

“When I sent $ for your late brother, out of genuine respect for his service to this country, I didn’t know you were involved in the January 6 riots,” Baldwin said in response to the lawsuit.

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Royce replied to Baldwin: “The protests are perfectly legal in the country and I have already sat down with the FBI. Thank you, good afternoon! ” The lawsuit states that she has never been detained, arrested, charged or convicted of any crime related to her attendance at the event.

Baldwin was not happy with her explanation and replied, “I don’t think so. Your activities led to the illegal destruction of state property, the death of a law enforcement officer, and an attack on the certification of the presidential election. I reposted your photo. Good luck. “

According to the Associated Press, Baldwin shared Royce’s post in his Instagram feed, which led to “hundreds and hundreds of hate messages,” the lawsuit said, including that she said “rape and die.”

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It seems that both Royce and Baldwin deleted this publication, although Royce shared other photos taken at the event in Washington.

However, the lawsuit says Baldwin did nothing to rectify the situation. And by sharing the photo, he “lit a match and blew it into the fire,” leading to hateful reports and death threats not only against Royce McCollum, but also against Riley McCollum’s other sister, Cheyenne McCollum, and Gianna McCallum’s widow says.

This is the latest lawsuit filed against Baldwin. Two members are also suing him Rust team in separate lawsuits as a result of an accidental fatal shooting on the set last October.

The gun he was rehearsing with exploded, killing cameraman Galina Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

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