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Entrepreneur from Atlanta Pinkie Cole decorates the cover The essence Issue of the magazine for January / February 2022

Great photo on the cover and the article has just been published and include an ad about the famous entrepreneur Derrick Hayes is the father of the girl Pinky

Pinky, a visionary and CEO of the Atlanta-based restaurant empire Slutty Vegan, has just announced her upcoming cookbook. ”Eat plants, bitch“via Simon & Schuster impprint 13A from GALLERY Books Group.

The cookbook features 91 vegan recipes from Cole herself, including Jamaican dishes from her childhood, tapas and small plates created to celebrate and evoke joy, as well as Cole’s signature southern comfort food.

Pinky is changing the world with her vegan comfort food, philanthropy and activity, as reported by CNN, Bon appetit, Forbes, National NBC News, Tamron Hall, Essence and others.

Dedicated to restoring vegan food culture, wishful indulgent menus and joyful conversations with customers make locals and guests look forward to the infamous queues around the quarter to get vegan burgers and more. Celebrities are among the fans Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Jermaine Dupree, Taraji P. Hanson, Tyler Perry, Tiffany Hadish, Queen Latifah, and more.

Her new cookbook is “Eat Plants, Bitch”. available for pre-order now and will be available for purchase in bookstores across the country on Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

From egg rolls with avocados to Po’Boy with cauliflower with black cole peas or parma with oyster mushrooms and everything else, the book is full of delicious recipes aimed at satisfying both devoted vegans and flexitarians and lustful lovers. In addition to understanding Cole, she hired fellow vegans, chefs, influential people and entrepreneurs to share their favorite recipes, business tips and take up veganism.

Pinky (who is also a new mom) captured Shake Shacks with the exclusive “SluttyShack” hamburger, launched PETA Push for Food Justice, provided life insurance policies to 25,000 black men, paid rent to local businesses and paid tuition to 30 Clark Atlanta students.

Pinky also purchased a car and life insurance for the family Reishard Brookswho was killed by police near a fast food restaurant in Atlanta. She is the founder of the Pinkie Cole Foundation, which provides a roadmap for black economic progress that is achieved through creative use of economic opportunities, successful risk-taking and innovation.

A serial entrepreneur, brand strategist and veteran television producer, Pinky lays out all his love, experience and talent in the recipe for success. When restaurants closed, Slutty Vegan opened two locations with socially remote lines across the quarter. In just two years, its revenue has grown to $ 4 million in the first six months after the grand opening.

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