15-month-old baby dies from Covid on anniversary of first case in Los Angeles – deadline

Los Angeles today marked the two-year anniversary of the first known in the county of Covid infection tragic news that the virus took the life of a 15-month-old child.

“This is the youngest resident to die from Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, and a stark reminder that the virus could cause devastating results among the most vulnerable, including young children who are not yet eligible for vaccination,” the statement said. Los Angeles County. Health officials.

Children under the age of five are not yet eligible for vaccination in Los Angeles – or in the United States at large. And older children lag behind the general population in getting vaccinated against the virus.

While 68% of all Los Angeles County residents are fully vaccinated, only 20% of children ages 5-11 in the region are fully vaccinated.


Cases and the number of cases in Los Angeles have declined compared to recent highs, but are still high compared to, say, last summer’s surge.

Despite the decline in cases, the number of outbreaks in schools has increased. Health officials say it reflects a highly contagious version of Omicron at work after the children returned to campus from the winter holidays.

Between January 16 and 22, there were 11 new explosions at the school. Nine of them were in elementary school, 1 in high school and 1 in youth sports.

During the week ended Jan. 23, district schools conducted more than half a million tests on Covid and confirmed 40,694 positive cases. The positivity of the test was 7%. This is 33% less than the previous week, and well below the current overall level of positive tests in the county, which is 13.1%.

There are currently 4,534 people with Covid in the hospital, and that number has slowly dropped from a peak of about 5,000 last week.

Officials confirmed 20,866 new infections in the county today, a number about as much as the peak of the 2020-2021 winter burst, but more than half below the more than 50,000 daily cases the county observed earlier this month.

Today, another 91 deaths have been recorded from Covid. Of the 91 new deaths one person was aged 0 to 4 years, one person was aged 18 to 29 years, eight people were aged 30 to 49 years, 14 were aged 50 to 64 years 34 were aged from 65 to 79 years, and 30 – over 80 years. Of the 91 recently reported deaths, 79 had major diseases.

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